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Defending Against Domestic Violence Allegations

One of the most common types of cases we handle at Hildreth & Rueda in Austin involve people accused of domestic violence. You often hear that anyone and everyone can be accused or arrested for DWI. The same goes for domestic violence. People accused of this charge are young, old, male, female, working class, professional, married, single and the list goes on. Sometimes, these charges develop because someone has lost his or her temper. However, more often than not, our clients are falsely accused.

The Consequences Of Domestic Abuse And Family Violence Charges

When the police are called due to a domestic violence complaint, they have no way to judge what happened other than by listening to the two sides’ stories, as well as accounts by any witnesses who were present. Arrests often occur based on what the police officers believe to be true.

Based on many years of experience, at Hildreth & Rueda, our attorneys know that many of these incidents are the result of misunderstandings. We also know that false accusations are common, and that the wrong person is sometimes arrested. Even though the alleged abuse victims make accusations in the heat of the moment, ultimately, they usually do not want their family member or significant other to get into trouble. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to “drop” the charges as it seems on TV.

The maximum penalties for an assault conviction in Texas are one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. If you or a loved one is facing these charges, contact our law firm for aggressive representation. We will fight to have the charge dismissed and make sure your rights are protected. We are lawyers who serve Austin and Georgetown.

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