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Dealing with a Texas Board of Nursing investigation

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

The Texas Board of Nursing has the best interest of nurses in mind but not as it relates to your personal liability. A professional license defense is necessary; otherwise, the nursing board will question you to your disadvantage. Losing your right to work in Texas is devastating financially, emotionally and socially. The training and education you invested in are lost if you can’t maintain your licensing credentials. Most nurses at least speak to a lawyer as preparation.

Improve your chances

Professional license defense is a law practice that can’t be fully mastered if you decide to represent yourself. Since this legal practice is so prevalent, some lawyers specifically work to defend claims made against people’s work status. Having a lawyer improves your chances of success because he or she knows your legal remedies.

Protects you from incrimination

Aside from the practice of professional license defense, common law can be so misunderstood that you may unintentionally incriminate yourself. Yes, you do have the right to remain silent, but you also need to debate your case. Anytime you represent yourself, the silence you were legally given is revoked. An attorney can, instead, fight or speak on your behalf.

Having an attorney doesn’t make you guilty

Some nurses are hesitant about speaking with a lawyer because they think it makes them look guilty. A court judge isn’t there to judge you based on your personal decision to hire an attorney. In fact, judges understand the complexity of the law and that those outside of this field aren’t equipped to formulate effective arguments.

Professional license defense in Texas

Making the decision to find representation isn’t as difficult as it may seem. All you need is a quick consultation with a legal professional. To share the details of your case initially costs nothing.