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Austin Family Violence Defense Attorneys For Those Accused Of Domestic Violence

When tempers flare during an argument with a spouse, romantic partner or a family member, it doesn’t take much to find yourself facing domestic crimes or assault charges for family violence. The attorneys at our criminal defense law firm in Austin, Hildreth & Rueda, have decades of combined experience. They represent clients in Central Texas accused of assault crimes, including domestic violence and family violence crimes.

Different Types Of Domestic Assault Crimes

In the state of Texas, if an assault crime involved a family member or family violence, prosecutors can file charges under the specific domestic violence crimes. The specific domestic violence crimes include:

  • Domestic assault: the threat of or an act of violence against a spouse or romantic partner who has, or previously had, an intimate relationship with the defendant
  • Aggravated domestic assault: when the victim suffered from serious bodily injury or the assault included a deadly weapon
  • Continuous violence: when the defendant has a previous record of domestic assault arrests

To be charged with continuance violence, the arrests for domestic violence don’t necessarily need to be successful convictions. When an assault victim is someone who has a family or romantic relationship with the accused, prosecutors may choose to file charges under the state’s domestic violence laws. While some domestic violence charges are misdemeanors, prior convictions for the same crimes can result in serious consequences.

What Are Family Violence Crimes?

Family members have been defined as past or present romantic partners, married or not, family members of a partner, roommates or other unrelated dependents. Family violence can include a number of criminal offenses including:

  • Physical assault
  • Threats of violence
  • Animal abuse
  • Damage to property
  • Stalking

Being accused of a family violence or domestic violence crime can come with serious consequences that go beyond penalties and jail time. Visitation and custody matters can get complicated when there are accusations of domestic violence.

Defending Against A Protective Order

In the state of Texas, victims of domestic or family violence can file for a protective order. If the court grants a protective order, depending on its terms, the respondent will not be allowed to have contact with the alleged victim. If a protective order has been filed against you, it is important to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Protective orders may restrict your rights and future violations of any protective order can have serious consequences.

Accused Of A Family Violence Crime? Call Now.

At Hildreth & Rueda, we offer a free, initial consultation appointment. We want to listen to your side of the story and better explain how we can help defend you against the accusations you are facing. You can schedule your free appointment by calling our Austin office at 512-415-7648 or sending us an email through our website.