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Release From Custody

When a family member or loved one is taken into custody, it is a scary and stressful moment for the individual being arrested as well as those on the outside trying to help. It is important to call an attorney when your friend or loved one has been taken into jail to discuss the best possible solution for obtaining his or her release from custody. There are several options available for most people to be released from jail. In order to make informed decisions, it is important to understand how bail is set by a judge.

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How A Judge Sets Bail

After a person is arrested and booked, a probable cause affidavit is filed with the court, which contains a summary of the police report. After the judge reviews this document, he or she will check the person’s criminal history and then determine a bail amount based on this, as well as the severity of the allegations the defendant is facing.

Travis County Jail Bonds

Bail amounts can vary greatly for misdemeanors in Travis County. For example, if the person is charged with writing a bad check, the bail might be as low as a few hundred dollars. In cases involving allegations of domestic violence, the bail amount could reach $10,000 or more. contact our law firm for assistance if you have questions about your loved one’s bail amount. We can provide you with advice based on many years of experience helping individuals and families in the Austin area, and walk you through the legal process so you can get the person you care about out of jail.

People arrested on charges such as DWI, assault and drug charges usually must appear in front of a judge who will set their bond amount. The types of bonds that may be posted include:

  • Cash bonds
  • Personal bonds
  • Lawyer-assisted bonds
  • Surety bonds

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