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Fighting The Suspension Of Your Occupational License

Are you struggling after a license suspension or revocation? There are many reasons you may be experiencing license issues, for instance, repeated traffic stops, a drunk driving allegation or reckless driving. The direct impact that a license penalty has on your everyday life is huge; fortunately, an occupational license or restricted license may offer you the freedom you need to keep your life on track.

Understanding The Basics Regarding An Occupational Driver’s License

You likely have never had to consider getting an occupational driver’s license. There are some unique requirements you will need to meet in order to obtain an occupational license, including:

  • Obtaining high-risk automobile insurance, which can be expensive and requires proof of insurance prior to the court granting you an occupational license
  • Providing a copy of your full driving record
  • Payment of court fees, which will vary based upon your county
  • Court approval

And, moreover, there are many limitations on eligibility. Your occupational license will come with restricted driving hours, limited destinations and a possible ignition interlock device requirement. Moreover, it will not act as a substitute for a commercial driver’s license.

Regardless of the restrictions, an occupational license may be the tool you need to meet your familial, personal and work obligations going forward. Explore your options with our attorneys.

Protect Your Rights To Keep Your License In Tact

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