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Contesting Issuance Of Bad Check Charges

When charged with the issuance of bad checks, you require experienced criminal attorney assistance. The attorneys at Hildreth & Rueda, in Austin, have been providing this sort of representation for 20 years.

The Consequences Of Issuance Of Bad Checks

Theft by check cases are most commonly associated with either checks that are written on a closed account or checks written when there was insufficient funds. The crime is that an individual passes or writes a check in which they know they do not have sufficient funds to cover the expense. Knowledge of the funds in your account is presumed when certain requirements are met.

The punishment level and offense level depend on the amount of the hot check. Theft by check offenses can range anywhere from a Class C misdemeanor to a first-degree felony.

A theft by check carries with it many consequences, from jail time, to fines, to criminal record that carries consequences that can affect your rights as a citizen such as serving on jury panel. Theft crimes are considered crimes of moral turpitude and can affect your ability to obtain a job. Perhaps you wrote a check by accident thinking you had funds, or perhaps your checkbook got stolen and you ended up being charged due to forged checks. In either circumstance, you would want to make sure you hire an attorney to properly defend your case.

If you believe you may have a warrant for a theft by check case in Travis County, you may call the Travis County Attorney’s Office Hot Check Division or perform a warrant search on the Travis County Website

Lawyers Defending You From Criminal Charges

Texas laws pertaining to writing or passing bad checks are complicated. Hiring an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible can help to mitigate the harsh or unjust penalties. To learn more about our services or speak to an attorney regarding your situation, contact Hildreth & Rueda by calling 512-415-7648.