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Facing A DWI? Our Austin Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend For DUI 78746.

There is a common criminal charge that people can find themselves facing in the state of Texas. This is a DUI (driving under the influence) or a DWI (driving while intoxicated). At Hildreth & Rueda, we know that if you are facing a criminal charge for a DWI or a DUI, especially if it’s your first time, you are probably worried and overwhelmed.

We represent clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges for those living near Zilker Park and in the rest of the 78746 ZIP code, as well as throughout the Austin metro area. If you need a DWI lawyer, let us fight for your rights and defend you against the charges you are facing.

How Important Are Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Test Results?

Often, the key evidence for a DUI conviction is the blood alcohol content (BAC) test results. In the state of Texas, the legal BAC limit is .08%. Any BAC result over the legal limit could lead to a DUI conviction. Studies have revealed that blackouts occur at a BAC of .16%. The highest recorded BAC that a person has survived is 1.5%.

DUI And DWI First Offenses In Texas

The state of Texas takes first offenses for operating any sort of motor vehicle and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol seriously. A motor vehicle can include a car, a motorcycle, a motorized watercraft or boat, or an airplane.

Even a first offense DWI in Texas can result in possible jail time. Driving while intoxicated is serious. Penalties for a DWI can include:

  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • The loss of your driver’s license

If you are a college student, a criminal record can also affect scholarships and future job prospects. In addition, aggravating factors like having a child in the car at the time of arrest or driving with an open container can lead to additional charges and potential penalties.

Taking a DUI or a DWI charge seriously and hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney and a DWI lawyer who knows and understands how to protect your rights and freedom and fight the accusations against you can help minimize the impact of the charges against you.

A Travis County Case Search And Travis County Arrest Records

Any arrest, even without a conviction, will remain part of the Travis County arrest records. It is also important to know that Travis County jail records are public information. A Travis County case search will reveal any proceeding in Travis County court.

A Criminal Conviction For A DWI And Your Arrest Record

Once a criminal conviction for a DWI is part of your record, it is searchable in a Travis County case search. The only way it will ever come off your criminal record is to go through the process of expunction. Fighting the criminal charges from the very beginning will give you the best chance to keep them off your record altogether or reduce the charges against you.

We know that if you or someone you love is facing criminal charges, especially for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. Our attorneys have tried to answer as many questions as they can on our website. We know that you probably still have more, so we invite you to contact us.

Schedule A Free Consultation With An Austin DWI Lawyer Today

We know that if you or someone you love is facing criminal charges for a DUI or a DWI, you probably still have a lot of questions. When you need a Travis County lawyer for a DUI, we can help.

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