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Will My New Arrest Revoke Probation

Question: “I’m on probation and I got arrested last night for a public intoxication. I’m really scared. What is going to happen? I would be off probation actually this month….will this effect it?”

Any new arrest can affect your probation as it is considered a violation of probation. A probation officer has the discretion to give a probationer a warning, or to make him appear before a court for a “probation violation” hearing. If the latter is done, the probation officer can ask the Judge to extend your probation for more time, or add extra conditions such as more community service or classes, or ask that your probation be revoked and ask for your placement in jail. If the violation is serious (the same level or higher than your original offense), your probation may be revoked completely and confinement in jail imposed, usually that requires a bigger violation than a public intoxication.