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Drunk driving charges can negatively impact your pilot’s license

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | DWI & Alcohol |

When people face drunk driving charges in Texas, they automatically think about what penalties they might face from a conviction. A DWI can lead to a driver’s license suspension, fines and jail time. Other things – like a pilot’s license – can also be jeopardized.

What to expect if a pilot is charged with DWI

It is important to know the requirements for pilots who are arrested and charged with DWI. Pilots might fly across the United States, but in every state where they fly, they must adhere to the law. That includes the law for operating a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol.

The Federal Aviation Administration has its own set of rules under Federal Aviation Regulations. When there is an allegation that a pilot drove under the influence, FARS states that they must report the charge within 60 days of a motor vehicle action like a driver’s license suspension.

Pilots cannot simply report it to their local Flight Standards District Office. It must be reported to the FAA and its Civil Action Security Division located in Oklahoma City. A pilot failing to report the incident could have their pilot’s license suspended or revoked. Making a clerical mistake with a pilot’s license after a drunk driving charge can be just as costly as not reporting the incident at all.

Pilots operate under specific rules with drunk driving

The necessary procedures for a licensed driver after a drunk driving arrest extend to licensed pilots reporting it to the appropriate bureaus. Pilots must be aware of the fundamental mandates from the FAA. It is wise to be cognizant of these basic rules to keep the situation from getting worse. In addition, the pilot should know the potential strategies available to avoid a conviction.