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Continuing Efforts To Decriminalize Marijuana

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2023 | Drug Crimes |

Lubbock Compact is a local advocacy group based in Lubbock, Texas, with a singular purpose. Their objective is to decriminalize recreational marijuana within the borders of their city after efforts to legalize recreational pot fell short in the state legislature.

The subject has divided residents of the state. While lawmakers approved medical marijuana, recreational use, not to mention reducing penalties for possession, has yet to occur.

Seemingly Alone In The Lone Star State

To add to the Lubbock Compact’s frustration, neighboring states have embraced taking the criminal “sting” out of recreational marijuana. Within the Lone Star State’s borders, Denton, Killeen, Elgin and other cities approved ballot measures that prohibited arrests and citations for carrying less than four ounces of marijuana in most instances.

With petitions in hand, they canvassed the area in hopes of becoming the largest Texas city to decriminalize weed through the petition process. Many volunteers worked 18 hours a day to reach their goal. They were given 60 days to secure 4,800 signatures. The group had its own goal of 8,500. By October 10th, they had achieved that goal with 300 to spare.

On October 17th, they delivered the signatures, which have to be verified by the city secretary. Following that process, the petition will be presented to the Lubbock City Council, where members will vote on the initiative. If the passage is not possible, the Lubbock Compact will ask for a ballot initiative in May 2024, leaving it up to city residents/voters to pass it.

Should the petition become law, Lubbock – a population of more than 260,000 – would be the largest city in Texas to decriminalize marijuana through a petition.